Each single serve includes: Instant Hot Chocolate mix, 3 pack Oreo Cookies, Mini Chocolate, 5 Marshmallows, disposable hot drink cup and lid, spoon and colour coordinated napkin.

Hot Chocolate & Cookies
Popcorn or Pretzels Plus
Candy Box

Each single serve Popcorn includes a colour coordinated disposable popcorn cup, mini microwaveable 25g butter popcorn, or (Prezels substituted where the Popcorn Machine is included in the package), flavoured Sipahh straw and mini chocolate.

Each single serve Candy Box includes a bunch of premium lollies, chocolates and candy in a fun noodle style box.

Snack Bar

Breakfast Pack

Each single serve Breakfast Pack includes a: 170g fun pack cereal box, 200ml organic juice pack, disposable spoon,  bowl & co-ordinated napkin.

Snack Bar

Each individual serve includes: Popcorn plus, Candy Box, Hot Chocolate & Cookies, and the Breakfast pack.

Available with selected Slumber Party Tents packages.